50 years of experience in international trade

Fruit of the work and commitment of successive generations, we are experts in the multisecular and prestigious Portuguese Textile Industry. This legacy places us as key players in the projection and affirmation of the Sector in the International Markets.

The Portuguese Textile Industry has proved extraordinarily resilient in overcoming numerous national and international crises over the years, and this has been a key factor in establishing Portugal as one of the leading and most innovative countries worldwide.

We have always had the capacity of innovation, positioning ourselves as the pinnacle of the Industry. Surely this is one of the characteristics that justifies our unstopped activity from the XVI Century to the present day.

At R&B we proudly represent these values at the scale of a family that knew how to assert them through decades of work and dedication, in the most varied facets of the business. From production to marketing, we have the know-how of all aspects of the Sector.

“A recognised leader in our Industry with a clear understanding of the changing
manufacturing and retail world, with depth of knowledge of the required restructuring to meet the new challenges.”

J. Ryan, International Textile Specialist and Consultant

“Our last trip to Portugal was both inspiring from a business perspective as well as forming a new and lasting friendship”

Vanessa Piper, Vice President at J. Queen NYC

“Highest expertise in home textiles. Great international experience with good customer contacts of many years. Always works solution-oriented. Always reliable.”

German partner

We are located in the Northwest of the Country, at the broader region of Vale do Ave (the Valley of the Ave River): heart of the Portuguese Textile Industry.

It is here, that since the second half of the XIX Century, a tradition of producing a high-end article, with different design, technique and craftsmanship, has been passed down generation through generation.

At R&B, we cover all the range of Home Linens: bed, table, bath and loungewear. With an agile and dynamic team, we give prompt and flexible response to all types of customers.

Collection deliveries and replacements, small minimum quantities and close collaboration in product development are some of our strengths.

At R&B we also believe that being aligned in a vision of an integral ecology, in which minimising the impact on the human and environmental tissue that surrounds us is, more than a marketing trend, the only possible way to ensure the present and the future of our common home.

Board of Direction

A. Rogério Barbosa de Matos


Manuel Barbosa de Matos



Abílio de Magalhães Barbosa de Matos is born;


Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho (Vilarinho Fabric Factory) is founded, in the town with the same name, at the County of Santo Tirso;


Abílio Rogério Barbosa de Matos is born;


Abílio de Magalhães Barbosa de Matos takes over as Managing Partner at Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho;


Gil Barbosa de Matos, the older son of the family, begins his career at Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho, in which he remains until today;


Abílio Rogério Barbosa de Matos, second son of Abílio de Magalhães Barbosa de Matos begins his career at Fundo de Fomento de Exportação (Export Promotion Fund), government agency for the promotion of Portuguese foreign trade;


Founder of the Luso-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC);


Member of the delegation that seals the Portuguese Government's Trade Agreement with the People's Republic of China;


Member of the Credit Insurance Commission, at COSEC;


Leads the campaign “1982, Ano da Exportação” (“1982, Year of Export”);


In the same year, the Export Promotion Fund (FFE) is restructured, changing its name to Instituto do Comércio Externo de Portugal (Portuguese Foreign Trade Institute - ICEP, today AICEP), whose committee he’s part of;


Assumes functions in the Private Sector as Manager of the international trade company M. Rocha & C.ª Lda.


Manuel Barbosa de Matos, A. Rogério Barbosa de Matos’ youngest son, is born;


GREMPOR - Grupo de Empresas de Portugal (Group of Companies of Portugal) is established as a Complementary Office for the export of 9 Textile Mills linked by family ties;


Director of Norquímica, platform of purchases of raw materials for GREMPOR;


Assumes the functions of Director at Mundo Têxtil S.A., where he was Administrator for the International Area;


Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho celebrates its 75th anniversary;


Together with Manuel Barbosa de Matos, R&B - Home Textiles Associates is founded, the trade name of the firm Abílio R. Barbosa & Filho, Lda.

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