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At R&B - Home Textiles Associates we work with the most demanding clients. We therefore ensure the best quality: from the raw material to the final product. To guarantee it, we meet the main market criteria and consumer requirements.


At R&B - Home Textiles Associates, more than just an idea, trend, or practice imposed by decree, sustainability is an intuition that, as far as our intervention is concerned, we always put it into practice in a more global perspective. That which, similarly to the content of the Encyclical Laudato Si, one can call Integral Ecology, or something within the thought of the portuguese Landscape Architect and pioneer environmentalist, Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, who values territory and nature as cultural elements and not just as an economic reality.

We do not understand nature as a mere frame of human life, but as an integral part of a whole over which we are agents. This attitude implies the state of health of the institutions themselves, as it has implications for the environment and quality of human life. There is a link between environmental and social and human issues that can never be broken - our practices take into account this inseparability from the common good.

Trust in our best practices is ensured by meeting the most stringent international requirements.

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